Cycling for Sean

Where? Temple Bar

When? October 10th -13th

“Since I have known Seán he has been nothing but a truly great friend of mine. Last year when I was in hospital Seán would be in everyday to see how I was and to put a smile on my face with his terrible goofy jokes during the rough time that I had. Now it is time to give back what he gave to me! 

I will be cycling on an exercise bike in Temple Bar square for 12 hours a day for 4 days 12.00pm-00.00am in the hope that I could raise over 5,000 euro for Seán. If you could come along for 1 day for support it would really mean so much” – Sean Hughes


What’s this about?

Sean Lyne is a 19 year old talented musician & Gaelic player .
He has been a medical student at Ballyfermot College of future education , with the aspiration of joining his family in San Francisco after his training to be helping those in need.

Sean is a courageous teen defined not only by his talents but by his kind and warm nature. However, a life threatening illness is now defining him. Diagnosed with stage four glioma brain tumor, Sean has battled through extensive treatment for Chemo, invasive surgery and debilitating steroid treatment so severe that his family and friends hardly recognize him.

Doctors in Ireland where he is receiving treatment are struggling to find a cure. Always the optimist, Sean has continued with hope. This hope has lead us to the discovery of “The Burzynski Clinic” in Texas. A revolutionary advancement in curing people like Seán. The only barrier to saving his life is the cost for a cure.